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Tug Boat Races

April ,  2013  -


A greater appreciation for tugboats and crew

     The Maritime Festival is an opportunity to educate the public about the Puget Sound with exhibits and fun activities. Let's face it most of us take the Puget Sound for granite.

     There are over a quarter of a million boats registered in Washington State. Hundreds of cargo containers drop off goods in Puget Sound ports monthly. We have the largest ferry system in the world. And just like the freeways, there are accidents. The numbers and traffic are not getting smaller, so it's important to understand the services of the Port of Seattle, the fire department, the Coast Guard, the Environmental Protection Agency, Shoreline management, the Washington State ferry system, and the tugboats. They all work together to make Puget Sound a clean and safe environment.




Locations: Seattle waterfront races from Pier 86 to Pier 66. Displays the menstruation was at Pier 66


Cost: free except for chowder cookoff.



* Top it all off buy a pass for the Seattle waterfront neighborhood chowder cookoff

* Check-in at any waterfront restaurant and ask where you can get the chowder cookoff pass it's well worth it, then you get to vote also. * Wow, I love that chowder.

Did I tell you about the chowder cookoff???



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