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Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic

July 13 & 14,  2013  -


9000 participants - Will you be one?

     Sure, why not? There are kids as young as three years old riding in the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic. It's not a race unless you want to make it one. You have two days to do it. We are talking Portland Oregon, not Portland Maine.

     Most people just have fun, but there are some serious ones out of the 9000 and go for the time. Yes, you and your bike can get a ride back to Seattle. Around 20% of the riders are newcomers so many return because it's fun. No, you don't go down I-5. The 200 mile ride takes you through scenic valleys, forests and farm lands in Washington and Oregon.

     The “one-day” riders show up at 4:30 in the morning and from then on a new wave of bicyclists is released every 10 minutes. Most people take two days. The event is organized by the Cascade Bicycle Club and you can register online starting in January.




Time: Start 4:45am - 7:30am


Location:204 miles starts at UW Husky Stadium- ends at Holladay Park in northeast Portland

Cost: Free to watch - entry fee to participate



 * 10,000 people participate in this 2 day event. Those that want to do it in one day start at 4:45am to 5:15am .

* This is the 33rd year and a very well organized event.

* There is a great riders handbook that has many useful training tips.

*Last year 18% were first time riders and the oldest was 85.

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