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Seattle Home Show

October ,  2013  -


The largest and oldest US home show

     If you've not been to a home show in Seattle lately, you’ll see the format has changed drastically. First, the five days before the home show opens, they are building houses inside the Expo Center. Now you get a chance to see what the latest products look like in the home.

     The second thing you'll find is that the whole industry is leaning green. With a huge portion of the population reaching retirement age, and a huge portion with health problems, people are turning toward healthier lifestyle. That means home construction and home products that are healthier. Plus there are new products that save you energy costs and are better for the environment. Seattle is in the top 10 green cities in America and is finding that the green pays for itself.

     Yes, you are going to find all the booths and products that you normally have. You are going find great remodeling and decorating ideas at outstanding prices. Whether you are renting, remodeling, decorating or building, this is a good show to attend.




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