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Seafair Pirates Land at Alki

July 6,  2013  - or


What a great free event for kids

     The Seafair Pirates have been around since 1949 and are the official opening act of Seafair as they land on Alki Beach in West Seattle. The kids dress up as pirates and call for the Seafair Pirates to land. When they do all heck breaks loose. There are wedding proposals, swordfights, gifts and trinkets given away, and a lot of rrrrrrhs.

     The landing is an outstanding event to attend because it is only about the Pirates. But Seafair Pirates liven up more than 175 events around the year.



Time: 9:30am to 2pm


Location:Alki Beach Park in West Seattle


Cost: Free



 * There are several vendors that give away many things while they last. Come early

* Every year there is a souvenir coin minted which have become collector's items.

* The Seafair Pirates do an excellent job with kids. Most have been doing this for years.

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