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2013 Seafair Log Boom Party

August 3 - 6,  2012  -


It’s an animal house at the log boom

     Hey, if you want to party and look at beautiful people in swimsuits, than the log boom is the place to be. It is kind of an equivalent to Mardi Gras on the water. The log boom, where the luxury boats pay to tie up, is actually a little tamer than what I call the student section. The log boomers are the ones who get the excellent view of the Blue Angels flying over their boats.

     When the Blue Angels are through, a 1000 boats of all sizes are allowed into the East end of the course to watch the races. You see them collect at the south end of the lake. These boats are equipped with water guns, water cannons, millions of water balloons, and lots of alcohol. No one is safe and few are shy.

     The waters are patrolled by police boats and their heavy fines for throwing beer cans into the water because debris can flip a hydroplane.


Time:  8:30 am to 6:00 pm

all three days


Location:  Lake Washington southwest of  I-90 floating bridge. Genesee Park


Cost: Docking boat at log boom a much larger cost based on footage.




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