Session Times:

Morning  6 AM - 9 AM
Evening: 5 PM - 9 PM



2014 Locations: 
To be announced


Cost: To be announced



 * If you want a balloon ride apply early. Rides are $250 and are early morning and possibably later evening.  Last year 180 rides  sold out in 4 days.

* Get on the list to be informed when they go on sale..

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2014 Puget Sound Balloon Festivals

All 2013 Sequim Balloon events are cancelled  -

 Closest Balloon Festivals for 5 million people

     Hot Air Balloons attract crowds. There are a few balloonists in Washington, but not many. Unfortunately the sport is so expensive not many balloonists obtain a break even sponsorhip to travel to balloon festivals, so a lot of them stay at home.

     Randall Tomaras put the first Puget Sound balloon festival on in 10 years in 2012 just to test the waters. It not only had an economic impact on the community, but it brought the community fun and excitment.

     In an effort to make it more economically viable for the balloonists that travel long distances, he is organizing three weekends in a row in the Puget Sound area.

    Since ballooning is an early morning event (6-9) and an evening event (6-9) he is looking for other events to partner up with around late August or early September. We will keep you posted as locations and dates progress.

  Get ready for Sensory Overload with colorful balloons

   You don't want to miss these.



Why not Sequim in 2013
It is a pretty place but it is too far away from the population base for a 6 AM event and the lodging is limited.It is not that people do not travel over here, but there are only 5,000 beds on the entire Peninsula which is bigger than 5 states, and ferries do not run at 4 am

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