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Northwest Folklife Festival

May 24 to 27, 2013 -



Folklife - everyone has some

     What happens when you take 7000 cultural participants, put them on 27 the stages for over 1000 performances over four days and you add an audience of 250,000? You have a blast listening to various types of music, get caught up in dance, admire visual art and folklore exhibits, listen to experts in the field, get involved with hands-on workshops, and learn from craft and cooking classes. What more could you ask for in four days? Northwest Folklife cost $2.5 million to produce but it is free. It is the largest free community art festival in the country. That said, they can only make all this happen because of generous donations from people like yourself. So keep it going and growing like it has ever since 1972. See  for more information.





Locations: Seattle Center Seattle Washington


Cost: free, but you can donate


Did you know:

* If you can only go one day, go the first day, because you'll be surprised at how a person can find a way to make the other three days happen.

* Northwest Folklife was one of the first festivals in the USA to “Go Green.”

* Northwest Folklife believes that when we share aspects of our culture, we dissolve misunderstandings, break down stereotypes, and increase respect for one another.

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