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New Year's at the Seattle Space Needle

January 1,  2013  -




A spectacular  "must see" fireworks show
     Every year over 50,000 people gather at the base of the "Symbol of Seattle" to watch over 9,000 plus pyrotechnic effects lauch from 75 locations on the Space Needle. From a distance it is estimated that over an additional 200,000 watch the New Year's event that has become world famous. And of course there are the millions that watch it on TV.

     For those of you considering this experience I highly recommend the Seattle Center grounds as your viewing location.  Not only will you experience a close-up view of the fireworks, but you will flavor the atmosphere of romantic couples, young families, crazy teenagers and old romantics bringing in the New Year.


Time: Midnight but everyone is there by 10 pm New Year's Eve with other events at the center and in the area.


Locations: Seattle Center Seattle


Cost:  Free on the ground. Space Needle restaurant expensive, Observation deck  moderate.



 * Carpool it and get there early.
* There is a party open to the public at the Seattle Center Armory.
* Just about every hotel, restaurant and bar in the area has a party.

*If you are photographing the fireworks, bring a tripod.

*Let the traffic thin out before you go home. It is a lot more fun than sitting in traffic and wasting dollars of gas.

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