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2013 Lunar New Year  - year of the snake

February 10th,  2013  -


 15 Days of Asian Celebrations

   The Asian New Year celebration is considered the first full moon of the year and lasts for 15 days. The dates vary from year to year sometimes in January or February. The  day of the full moon is New Year's and the last day is the Lantern Festival.

     During this time you have an opportunity to see many performances and experience the culture and customs of the Asian population. Both the Lunar New Year and the Vietnamese Tet Festival are free. The Chinese lantern Festival has a small charge and is also an excellent place to make a donation for the new Seattle Chinese garden. The images on this page are of the Lantern Festival.






  Chinese Lantern Festival at South Seattle Community College in West Seattle - small donation.

  Lunar New Year celebration - Union Station Great Hall in International District - free admission.

  Vietnamese Tet Festival at Seattle Center - free admission


Cost: See above


other websites to check on lunar activities





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