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Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival

July 4th to July 7th,  2013  -


Boats - a Pacific Northwest favorite

     While these wooden boats are handcrafted by the best craftsmen and women in the Northwest area the detail and craftsmanship is something the see. The July show is in connection with the speed boat builders whereas an October show is in connection with the Century Link Field boat show. Either show you will see the finest wooden boats in the Northwest and you can experience demonstrations on how to build your own boat, how to take care of it, and a whole lot more. They even have classes for kids to build their own little wooden float boats. If you miss a Seattle shows, Port Townsend puts on a Wooden Boat Festival in September.



Time: 10am to 6pm

on the 3rd 10am to 9pm

on the 4th 10am to 10pm


Location:South Lake Union - take Mercer Street Exit off I-5


Cost: Minimal



 * This show is put on by The Center for Wooden Boats which is open all year around.

*The whole area has been remodelled.

* Lake Union Park and One Reel have teamed up with CWB so check out concert tickets also.

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