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Chinatown/International District Summer Festival

July 13 & 14,  2013  -


A multitude of cultures in one spot

     The Asian community has so many different customs, traditions and lifestyles to share. This is a perfect event to explore the music, religion, art, food and various products that come from China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and other Asian countries.

     Seattle is fortunate to be the closest American seaport to most of the Asian countries and our community is a rich melting pot with strong economic ties to our neighbors across the Pacific Rim. The International District Summer Festival gives everyone an opportunity to experience a taste of Asia. Not only are there opportunities abound but there are unique cultures just waiting for you to say, hi.



Time: Sat - 12pm to 8pm

Sun - 12pm to 6pm


Location:Seattle Chinatown International District


Cost: Free



 * There are a lot of people attending this event so if you are thinking of a specific Asian restaurant - make reservations.

*Parking is limited, so car pool it if you can OR take a bus from where you can park.

* Be sure to check out Asian performances on 3 different stages.

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