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Hispanic Seafair Festival

July 28,  2013  -


Hispanic nations share their culture

     What a colorful and interesting event. The opening ceremony starts off with the Parade of Nations where representatives from Latin American countries dress in the ethnic outfits of their heritage. After the Parade of Nations things get pretty festive with Latino music and dance. I don't know how to explain it, but something about the Latino music and the way they dance makes a person feel good.

     To top off the music and dance there is great ethnic food to try. If you like shopping, there many Latin American products for sale.




Time: 9am to 7pm


Location:Seattle Center.


Cost: Free



 * If you are not hispanic, this is an opprotunity to learn about another culture. Let yourself go and get caught up in the music and dance.

* If you are hispanic you know that every hispanic nation has their own culture and customs. This is an opportunity to explore common interests and appreciate differences.

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