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Hi-Yu Summer Festival

July 12-14,  2013  -


A great place to meet others

     West Seattle and Alki Beach are great places to hang out. It is a pretty physically fit crowd that likes kayaking, rollerblading, walking, scuba diving, beach volleyball, and it has been known to have some popular restaurants, espresso houses, and drinking establishments. Plus it has a spectacular view of the downtown Seattle skyline.

     When the community throws a party you can trust they will have great entertainment and outstanding food. Such is the case with the West Seattle Hi-Yu Summer Festival which concludes a month-long celebration of Hi-Yu activities. If you only make one of the three days be sure to be there late Saturday afternoon and stay for the street dance that night.




Time: 10 am to 6 pm


Location:On SW Alaska St.  West Seattle


Cost: Free  except for what you eat, drink and buy.



 * Hi-Yu is a month long celebration in coordination with Seafair. Check out Hi-Yu .com to see all theWest Seattle events in July

* Parking is VERY limited. To avoid a long walk take the bus, bicycle, or carpool.

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