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Northwest Flower and Garden Show

February 20-24 2013   -


   The Northwest Flower & Garden Show has been educating Northwesterners on the latest flower and garden trends since 1988. It is amazing what they do in 3 days for the 5 day event that draws over 75,000 people. It is a success when over 7 million dollars of product are sold.

   This year when you go, ask the vendors the question on how they got started. You will be amazed at what you hear. Like Casey Riddell an artist who took her designs to Hati and employed over 100 people to recycle old metal drums into beautiful metal sculptures; or

Dennis Ray who started as a high school science project back in the 70's; or  sculptors Michael Handcock  and Kevin Campbell who have known each other over 40 years and get together just to do this show; or Phillip Glashoff who starved for 20 years before becoming world famous. And now his son Chad is following his footsteps. (

   Yes, you really have to ask questions and get to know their life's work. It's not just a flower show.

Amazing stories behind the artists



Location: Washington State Convention Center




*Look at the gardens first, then the display booths. That way if you buy something you don't have to carry it around as much. Some will mark it sold while you look around.

* Many of the artists sell out their best work in the first few days, but the best bargins are in the last couple days.

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