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2013 Fiesta Patrias

September 14-15,  2013  -


No one throws a party better

     Miguel Hidalgo, a Catholic priest who abolished slavery in Mexico, was a leader in the armed movement of Mexicans against the Spaniards. He proclaimed independence for the country on September 16, 1810 one of the dates celebrated during Fiesta Patrias.

     Revel in the independence of countries in Central and South America at Seattle's Fiesta Patrias, which celebrates diversity and the Latin American community in Western Washington. Fiesta Patrias – “Patriotic Holidays” - is celebrated throughout various countries in Latin America to recognize freedom from colonial rule.

     At Seattle Fiesta Patrias, Hispanic foods, dance, mariachi music, exhibits and children's activity celebrate these countries unique cultures as well as their shared language.



Fri-Sat 9 am to 12 midnight

Sun 9 am to 5 pm


Location: Seattle Center


Cost: Free



 * If you like cultural events there are many at ther Seattle Center. Check out and look  under cultural festivals

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