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Easter Egg Hunt

March ,  2013  -


The Bubble Man at Wallingford Center

     I thought it was just going to be another egg hunt. Well it was an egg hunt with a great score of candy, probably one of the best I've seen in that regard. But the opening act was the Bubble Man. I don't think I've seen an event where kids had so much fun. The Bubble Man, Gary Golightly knows how to get kids laughing and he does it with a message about the environment, honesty, and values. The kids actually go away learning things plus there is a message to the parents to have fun with your children. It helps build their self worth.

     The Bubble Man also hangs out at Green Lake. You can find him at

     The Wallingford neighborhood holds lots of events including a kiddies parade. For more information on yearly event see






Location: Wallingford Center - 1815 N 45th St. Seattle, WA 98103 . If it looks like it is an old schoolhouse, it's because it was.


Cost:  Free



*There are Easter Egg Hunts all over the place. Check with Chambers of Commerce and churches for more.

* Gary Golightly has been acknowledged in more than 30 countries for his unique and “edutaining”  approach.

He has won many awards as best children's performer.

A special thanks to Wallingford Center and others who hired Gary. He's a valuable resource to our society.


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