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2013 Chilly Hilly Bicycle Race

February 24,  2013  -


All ages - chilly cold to chili warm

     An early morning in March, thousands will board the Seattle Winslow Ferry to Bainbridge Island for Chilly Hilly, what Bicycling Magazine named one of the four classic rides in the nation! It is a 33 mile course that takes in all the hills and curves the island has to offer.

     I found young kids to a 90-year-old man riding this race. Their reward was a bowl of warm chilly at the end of the course. Chilly hilly is a beautiful course with views of the Seattle skyline and Mount Rainier.







Location: Bainbridge Island


Cost: free to watch - small entry fee to race. Registration available near the Seattle Bainbridge ferry dock, or at the park in downtown Winslow on Bainbridge Island, or online at


Did you know:

• Chilly Hilly started its first bike race in 1974

• It’s called Chilly Hilly because the road can be icy that time of year

• Participants can start and end anytime they want

• Chilly Hilly has had as many as 4300 participants

• Cascade Bike Club is a major force in why Seattle is rated as one of the top 10 bicycle communities in the nation every year.



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