WeekendWa.com is a new website designed to help people make life fun.It is designed to be interactive and visual. If they say one picture is worth a thousand words this is a novel.


All the images come from the editorail archives of   longtime northwest photographic artist Randall Tomaras. They are a collection of his favorite event images.


The  website which took 1,000s of hours to design and put together is made possible by two generous contributors who believe that we all need to work together to come out of this economic situation.


Because of their generousity we hope that you at least take the time to consider their products & service.


Will this website change? Of course. We hope to make it even more "user friendly" and interactive. Our goal is NOT to list every event and meeting but the major ones where 1,000s show up.The cost of inclusion and to remain on the site is to work as a team and promote each other.

This is a Randall Tomaras Website - All web design, copy, and photographs copyright     Randall Tomaras    2012