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Bumbershoot - Seattle's Music & Arts Festival

August 31st, September 1, & 2,  2013  -


World-class musicians gather and amaze

     If you like music, Bumbershoot is without a doubt the best bang for your buck. It has been since 1971, that's what makes it so popular. Bumbershoot has a star-studded lineup for four days including over 2,000 world-class artists and performers in 20 venues with 16 stages.

     The name Bumbershoot means umbrella. However, it was not so named because of the rain in Seattle. It was named because Bumbershoot umbrellas a number of artists from different genres representing the best in music, film, comedy, theater, spoken word, dance, visual performance and literary arts.

     If you like people, music, art and like to laugh - Be at Bumbershoot. But wait I forgot to tell you about the great food and hundreds of booths to shop at. See for yourself.


Time:  11 am to 11 pm


Location:  Seattle Center


Cost: Platinum 3 day $475

Standard 3 day $110

Standard 1 day  $55 to $40



 * It is NOT pricey for what you receive. Bumpershoot has an outstanding line-up of 2,000 performers and everyone has a great time.

* Strike up a conversation with the people next to you. By the end of the festival you'll know a lot more people that have something in common with you - Music and Art.

* It is better to carpool or take the bus to avoid parking fees

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