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Ballard Seafood Fest

July 13-14  2013  -


No one cooks seafood better

     Ballard is known as a Scandinavian fishing community. Fishermen also know how to cook seafood. The Ballard Chamber of Commerce was wise when they thought of an annual event that fit the community - Ballard Seafood Fest.

     Now those of you who know the Scandinavians, know they are a crazy lot and they like to have fun. If there is a contest to be had, it'll be here. The longest-running contest is the "Lutefisk Eating Contest" - yummm. But every year they have several contests so check out their website at

     The Ballard Seafood Fest started as a two-hour barbecue event in 1965 or 1971 or 1974? No one seems to remember. : ) Now that’s a heck of a party.  It is grown from a two-hour, 10 booth event to two action-packed days with hundreds of booths, great music and you guessed it, out of this world mouthwatering seafood.




Time: Sat  - 11 am to 9 pm

Sun - 11 am to 6 pm


Location:West on Market from 15th. Can't miss it.  Ballard in  Seattle


Cost: Free  except for what you eat and drink.



 * Don't forget  to buy one of the raffle tickets from the Ballard Athletic Department.

* Ballard Seafood Festival pays musicinas well compared to most festivals. It is hard to pass auditions, but the music is better.

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