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Bainbridge Island Auction & Rummage Sale

June 29,  2013  -


10 acres - Everyone finds something

     I found Americana –  Little kids grabbing stuffed animals or dormant basketballs, moms and daughters shopping for their first kitchen away from home, I even found singer-songwriter Jeannie Rose looking for  collectible guitars to add to her collection.

     I don't care what you're looking for, chances are it's on the Woodward Middle School’s 10 acres that becomes the world's largest garage sale. There are not many rummage sales that make $350,000 or more. To do that you have to have good stuff that is well priced, hundreds of volunteers, a well-organized flow, and a lot of generous donators. Bainbridge Island Rotary Club has just that.



Time: Sat -8am to 2pm


Location: Bainbridge Island at Woodward Middle School on 9125 Sportsman Club Road.


Cost: Free



 * With 3,000 garage sale shoppers you are going to find some that will say and do anything to get what they want. My suggestion is don't be in the front of the line unless you know how to wrestle. There is plenty.

* Parking is limited. Go with friends so someone can guard the bootie while another gets the moving van.

* The wagons go first , so people can haul goods.

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