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Alki Car Show

July 16,  2013  -


“Classic” describes the owners too!

    These cars are well taken care of. Their bodies are silky smooth and their engines purr like it. In fact it's a rule that all the cars have to be driven on to the display ground - no slackers.

     The car owners are a very close family and if you're interested in restoring a car they will bend over backwards to help you. The less you know about cars, the more they're willing to help. Each one of these owners puts thousands of hours into making a classic car that you will be impressed with.




Time: 8am to 4pm


Location:Alki Beach Promenade


Cost: Free to watch - entry fee $20 in advance, $25 day of show.



 * the best time to photograph the cars is when they are first setting up and no crowds are there to reflect on the car's surface.

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